Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Somewhat Unsuccessful Soup

After last night's success with the Applesauce Bread (mmm, so good), I decided to try another new recipe tonight, this time a soup from my beloved Monastery Soups cookbook. I tried Potato Dumpling soup since it used ingredients I had in the house (pretty much just potatoes, onions, and some celery...).

Well, it needed some help. Basically it's a simple broth: celery, onions, carrots, mushrooms. I didn't have carrots, and all I had was dried shiitake mushrooms. So I added some extra celery and used the shiitakes. Then you make some mashed potatoes and use them to make dumpling dough (very simple, just mashed potatoes with an egg, some flour, some salt). Put the dumplings into the broth, simmer.

I think I needed the carrots. The broth needed quite a bit of 'coaxing' with extra salt and pepper, some beef bouillon. But the dumplings are good. And I had some leftover nice bakery bread, which I reheated and will eat with it. I think it will be okay. Just not quite as wonderful as I was hoping, not quite the success of last night's bread.

Update: I let it simmer a little longer with another bit of bouillon added, and now it's quite nice. The shiitakes needed a stronger broth, I think. Now it's very close to the soup I knew it could be!

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