Friday, February 9, 2007

Creamy Lasagna

Ok, so I'm going to just write down, for the record, what I cook for myself and my little family. This week, I've made (I guess I consider it something I've 'made' if I have to consult a recipe somewhere along the way, or if it includes more than two or three ingredients):
  • Lemon Rice Pudding (dairy-free, very good for upset tummies)
  • Brown Sugar Cookies (not so good for upset tummies, but very good in general)
  • Pasta Primavera (with green beans, yellow squash and zucchini, with a very light pesto-cream sauce. Yum.)
  • Creamy Lasagna (I didn't feel like buying ricotta cheese, so I made a bechamel sauce instead. Layer red sauce, bechamel, frozen chopped spinach, parmesan cheese. Repeat)

I had an upset tummy this week so I mostly ate that rice pudding. It's not really a dessert. It's got a ton of whipped egg whites, very little sugar, and cooked rice, all cooked together. If you don't like bland things, you wouldn't like it. I happen to like strange bland things (not exclusively!), so I love it.

The brown sugar cookies were damn good. Very sugary. The pasta was good, too. I just made that for myself. We'll see how the lasagna turns out. I think it will be good. I love bechamel sauced (see comment about bland things) and I love lasagna. How bad could it be? It's got red sauce. It's got cheese. It's got noodles. It'll be good.

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