Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Asparagus

On a search for more ways to prepare asparagus, my friend and I found this recipe for Asparagus and Red Pepper over Quinoa. It's on the Cooking Light website. Oh wait, maybe I can link to it. There!

Fantastic! It's a very simple stir-fry, with yummy soy and sesame flavors, over super-healthy quinoa. You could also probably use brown rice or couscous. I cooked the onions a little longer than they said, and also poured only half the dressing over everything BUT the tofu, then took out the peppers and asparagus, added in the tofu and the rest of the dressing and cooked it until the tofu seemed nicely saturated, then added back in the veggies and stirred it all up.

Bright, healthy, tasty, and easy.

(soon, I will get my new camera and will start having photos! It will be a whole new thing!)

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