Monday, March 26, 2007


Mmm. Awful Falafel. I never really 'got' falafel until I started to make it for myself (I use a mix, I'm not quite that talented!). I don't make it very often because it kind of seems like a waste of oil (I almost never fry anything), but it's so delicious. I don't know if it's just this mix (I get it in bulk so I don't even know what brand it is) but it's easy, yummy, and is a good excuse to test out my deep-fry methods (this would be: put a bunch of oil in a pan, heat it, fry things. Verrrrry technical).

My dad was in town this weekend and we'd been eating all kinds of good things. Terri requested falafel for dinner Sunday, and even though I knew my dad had no idea what this is, I made it. He liked it! He even ate two helpings (we made them as burgers).

I didn't get the tahini sauce that I usually do to go with it, we just used ketchup and mustard, but they were quite good. The trick seems to be getting the oil just to the right temperature. I think mine was a bit too hot - they got really dark, but it could be I also just let them fry a few seconds too long.

Anyway, falafel is fun for the whole family. I suggest you try some!

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