Sunday, December 10, 2006

Week 4

Hanukkah is this coming Saturday, so this week we had a slight Jewish holiday theme (per request)
  • Chicken noodle soup (w/homemade stock)
  • Potato latkes
  • Homemade applesauce
  • Simple lasagne
  • Stir-fried asparagus
  • Steamed brocolini with basil and parmesan
  • Buttermilk-cinnamon muffins

And then I was crazy and made, for us:

  • Vegetable Pot Pie (with saffron cream sauce and homemade pastry)
  • Lemon bars

Cooking today was fine, I thought it was going to be easy, but I botched a few things so it took longer than expected. Latkes turned out great, but I burned a batch. Muffins were slightly overdone (but still fine). Then I totally messed up the lemon bars and I'm not really sure about them, but they'll get eaten at work if nothing else!

Lesson: when making chicken soup (with low fat), take the skin off FIRST. Skimming is a pain. Also, I need a different baking pan if I'm going to make lemon bars again. This one was too low-sided. I'm not sure about the recipe, either. Hmm.

However, homemade applesauce is YUM!

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