Sunday, November 26, 2006

Week Two

This week we clarified some ingredients and preferences. Here's the menu:
  • Salmon Chowder -- with corn, potatoes, evap. milk (from
  • Chicken with Rice (and Peas and Carrots) (The Best Light Recipe)
  • Brussels Sprouts (The Healthy Kitchen)
  • Baby Carrots with Lemon/Dill (The Healthy Kitchen)
  • Roasted Cauliflower with soy-ginger sauce (Cook's Illustrated, December 2006)
  • Corn Muffins (Barefoot Contessa)


I think this week's menu is pretty good. I don't like fish but the chowder was good, as far as I could tell. I used brown rice with the chicken - preboiled it. It ended up being like brown rice risotto, yum. I think all the veggies were good too... I want to make the roasted cauliflower for us.

Random thoughts/reminders: Thai Chicken Soup, chocolate loaf cake, apple crostata, get a Jewish cookbook, get a Japanese cookbook, rice pudding, turkey tetrazzini, look up bouliabase, slow cooker recipes.

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D'Arcy said...

You might have an easier time looking it up as bouillabaisse - well, that's not quite right either but it's close (isn't it nice to have a French teacher for a friend?)