Friday, August 24, 2007

Finally, Something Fresh

While Erin was here, we had some feasts. One night, we had a full table of fresh veggies, dips, crackers, tapenades, figs and cheese.

A tradition we have Camembert cheese. First, you dip the wheel of cheese in egg. Then, you dip in bread crumbs. Then, you fry (yes, in butter) until crispy and golden brown and totally melty and gooey. Then, you eat with some kind of jam (we used lingonberry jam) over the barest bits of cracker (who needs cracker when you've got fried cheese?). Oh my god. It's kind of the best ever. We ate the entire thing in like, 15 minutes. I love cheese.

I also made very delicious cinnamon-swirl French toast with fruit compote. What a pretty (and yummy) way to start the day.

Man, I should have friends over more often. I haven't posted in over a month. I've made a few things, but mostly we haven't been cooking anything too special. It's summer, we've been busy, and how many photos of smoothies or quinoa can one person take? Anyway. As we move into autumn, I'm sure there will be more cooking happening (and more posting!)

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Nicola said...

Let me just say that if I don't get invited over real soon to see and taste some of this yumminess for myself, I am going to start thinking that you don't count me as a true friend! mouth is watering just looking at your beautiful photos.