Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Hot Day

Summer has finally hit here in the Bay Area. It was in the mid-80s today, just perfect. Time for some minty-lemony ice water. The weather channel says it got over 100 in parts of the outer Bay Area. We were glad to be in temperate Alameda.

Haven't been doing too much cooking lately. It's hard to cook for just one person, and when Terri came home on the weekends, we mostly ate very simply. But now she's home, so hopefully it's time for some beautiful summer salads and maybe some experimenting. I'm starting to realize that I mostly just like to cook in the winter. In the summer, I just like fruits and veggies and salads. Maybe a stir-fry now and then. Maybe I'll make a sweet-and-sour tofu pretty soon. We'll see. Anyway, sorry for the lack of entries. Just not much been happening in the kitchen here.

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